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St Andrew's, Plimmerton

11 Steyne Avenue, Plimmerton


Every Sunday

Contemporary Eucharist

and Sunday Explorers


Lively, welcoming
5th Sunday  9.30am

Eucharist and Sunday Explorers


The whole parish worships together
Morning Prayer


Short Eucharist
Healing on 3rd Thursday
Simple and friendly
Bell Ringing & Prayers for Peace



Blessing the gowns for the            

children's ward.

Blessing the hats and scarves for the     

students at Cannons Creek School.

            Bubble prayers on Easter Day.


St Andrew's has a Kawai Digital Piano (CP 116) with a good piano tone and an extensive range of organ sounds which are quite easily accessible to the musician. Finding your way around takes a little practice but once mastered it is a most enjoyable instrument to play. It is very responsive to touch. Default position is the piano. Full instructions are provided in a manual.


On Saturday 27 February 2010 St Andrew's was seriously damaged by fire. The church has been rebuilt, and the new foyer built. St Andrew's has a light and bright interior, and the pews have been replaced with chairs. There is also a data projector, screen and a hearing loop has been installed.




St Andrew's was designed by Frederick de Jersey Clere in 1916. It is one of only a few churches built in the Diocese during World War One.


Clere, Frederick de Jersey, 1856-1952 :[Plan of] proposed church at Plimmerton. 20.8.16. Reference number: Plans-80-0834 Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, must be obtained before any re-use of this image.


A new chancel and sanctuary were added in 1961.

The green frontal, designed by Elizabeth Auton in 1988, shows the harakeke (flax) which is abundant in the area and represents the Trinitarian life. The purple frontal, designed by Bob Callwood in 1990, links our British heritage and our place in Aotearoa New Zealand.


The St Andrew’s Window Take some time to study the window on the left-hand side of the chancel. The window was dedicated on 5 October 2006 to the life of Ian Turner. It is particularly beautiful when illuminated by the late morning or afternoon sun. It is called the "St Andrew's Window" because the concept was inspired by Mark I: v 16 and 17.


"Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting nets into the sea: for they were fishermen. And Jesus said unto them come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men."


The theme for the design links Andrew, the fisherman, disciple, and Patron Saint of Scotland, to St Andrew's church and our local environment at Plimmerton. This was interpreted perfectly by Olaf Wehr-Candler of Pukerua Glass Studio Ltd, the artisan who conceived, crafted, and installed "St Andrew's window".


   Have you wondered about the stories behind  

   the plaques in St Andrew’s? 

   Read about them here.




The Parish Centre and Office are adjacent to the church so St Andrew's is often, but not always, used for special occasions. Pancake races on Shrove Tuesday and a Harvest Fair involve everyone in the community.

We are a welcoming people - We are open to all.