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Divine Caterers

The Divine Catering team provides high quality services for anniversaries, 'special' birthdays, funerals, book launches or for whatever event you require catering. New helpers are welcomed to our high standard catering team!


Some FAQs:


What sort of hospitality do we do? We are a client focused team so our presentation must be constant and professional whether it is a dinner, afternoon tea, canapés, or supper. We cater for events in the Parish Centre, in people’s homes, or wherever the event is being held.


Who are we? A great team of workers, not necessarily great cooks either, as there are many talents needed to maintain the high standard of service we offer. Front of house, setting up, managing the kitchen, serving, flowers and the food preparation are talents we need.


How did we get this name? Quite out of the blue but at the time the new Parish Centre was built with its brand new kitchen, it seemed a good idea to utilise this space to generate a worthwhile income.


What do we do? We have been called the “phone and forget” caterers by one very satisfied client. Once the date was set, and format agreed on he had no further worries and everyone was thrilled with the occasion.


Who do we cater for? Wedding receptions, funerals, family celebrations, special birthdays, dinners for special events. We discuss with our clients what they would like and together we put together a menu for a quotation. Presentation is essential, and so we ask our helpers to make the sandwiches but we like to cut them to our standard size or shape.


Are we all good cooks? Cooking is just part of what Divine Caterers do. We aim to offer a sustainable, professional, hospitality team to provide a catering service for any occasion. We always reimburse our workers for their costs with food preparation.


How much time do we have to give? It is a team effort so we call on people to help with the task they are good at. It is not just a team of women, we always appreciate the assistance we are given by the men who help us.


Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Parish Office (04 233 9781) for more information.